The Awesome TV Channel is the parent Channel of three individual Channels that we operate on ROKU TV.


The Sports Channel is a feature based video channel, no longer do you need to watch 2 hours of live sports shows where you have to wait for the topic you want to hear about. At the Ultimate Sports Channel, you can immediately go to the video you want to watch.

Your hosts are Father and Son Team of Mark (Father) and Joey (Son) Hetherman. Sports Fanatics they track all sports and present features on topics they have opinions on current sports topics.

In addition, Mark and Joey review sports games of the day and provide selections on who they think will win.

You will love the content videos and best of all it is FREE. When you have Roku simply just search Awesome Sports Channel.


Another Channel hosted by Joey and Mark. They have traveled thousands of miles and hundreds of cities in pursuit of Joey’s Road to the PGA. Yes, Joey is a young Professional Golfer and hopes of making the PGA.

We have documented our travels and will be loading videos of their travels for your enjoyment. Once again you can search the video you want to watch.

Once you have ROKU search Father and Son Travel Blog to see the videos from the travels of Mark and Joey.


The Bucket List Videos is the newest Channel for Mark and Joey and this one does not even include them. As of May 9th, the channel does not have any content at this point. They will feature people who have done some bucket list events and will send them videos of those dream activities. This should be exciting seeing people fulfill a dream.

Watch and enjoy our Channels.